Treating Anxiety and Depression with Functional Medicine

Anxiety and Depression Treatment without Drugs

Bianca Chiara, MD: Hoboken NJ Functional Medicine Clinic

Treating Anxiety and Depression with Functional Medicine: According to The World Health Organization, 19 percent of Americans will suffer from depression in their lifetime. Fortunately, functional medicine provides treatment options for these mood disorders that allow people to be active in their own recovery.

Causes of Anxiety and Depression

The factors involved in depression and anxiety are psychological, cultural, genetic and related to lifestyle choices, diet and environment.  Many people believe that they are depressed or anxious because of life events but often it is an imbalance of biochemistry that affects a person’s view of life and their reaction to events.

In many cases, the causes of anxiety and depression are an internal biological concern. A fairly common and unrecognized factor in mood disorders are food sensitivities and research suggests that up to half of all Americans are affected. The most common food sensitivities are gluten and dairy. People with food sensitivities have a delayed reaction to food, which may present itself as heartburn, joint aches, fatigue or other symptoms.

Treating Anxiety and Depression without Medication Using Functional Medicine

Our treatment focus is on nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, herbals and neutraceuticals/supplements, as well as pharmaceutical options when necessary. It is a truly holistic approach, open to incorporating eastern and western medicine options and being directed by the patient’s preference, combined with considerations of safety and efficacy for the health concerns being addressed.

Dr. Chiara is an amazing doctor. Getting an appointment with her has never been a problem and she works late nights so that people can get to her after work! She is thorough and up to date with the latest treatments and research. I have been going to her for a few years now and have never had a problem. She is speedy to call you back with any lab work and even has an e-mail address that she answers and responds to in a timely manner. I would recommend her to anyone living in the Hoboken area.
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