Creating a Diet Plan for the New Year

As the ball dropped this year, you may have gone through some last-minute resolutions in your head. According to data from Google pulled by iQuanti, “Get Healthy” was the top searched phrase for 2017 resolutions! The question is, where to start? With work, family and more, fitting in time to construct a solid diet plan that can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle may seem impossible. Here, we highlight some tips to help you make permanent dietary choices that will eventually become staples in your fridge!

Make a Weekly List

Planning for the week keeps you organized and focused. By creating a list for food that you need just that week, not only will you save money but you will be less likely to impulse buy!

Don’t Shop Hungry

It’s been a long day and your stomach is growling. Might as well shop and get the food shopping done, right? No! Shopping hungry creates urgency leading to temptation to buy more than you need. Studies have shown that while shopping hungry, shoppers are more likely to buy high-calorie foods.

Stick to the Perimeter

When in doubt in regards to what to purchase, stick to the shelves that border the store. This is where you will find your whole and healthy foods most of the time. While shopping, be sure to look in your cart and notice the colors of food, also known as the ‘rainbow rule.’ If your cart is bursting with nature-made yellows, greens, pinks, reds and blues, you most likely have a balanced shopping cart to make a multitude of meals with!

Watch the Labels

Just because a box or bag says “natural” or “diet” does not mean it is. These buzzwords can have you devouring sugar and additives in seconds, completely derailing your diet plans. The only label to look for is the USDA certified organic label, as this is a regulated label that farmers must obtain special accreditation for. This will help you decrease the amount of pesticides in your digestive system, allowing your body to optimally function and digest nutrients. Choosing colorful, whole organic foods will lead you on a sustainable steady path to wellness.

Drink Water

If you feel overwhelmed, stick to this one rule: drink water. By cutting out sodas, flavored teas, sugary juices, you can cut 100-1000 calories a day depending on what your normal habits are.

Start slow and be patient with yourself.  Long-term dietary changes are made with steady steps to nourishing your body and mind. If you have questions in how to start changing your diet, contact your doctor for specific guidelines.


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