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Dr. Bianca Chiara

Bianca Chiara, MD: Hoboken NJ Primary Care Clinic

Our office provides conventional, insurance-based primary care services for adult men and women, as well as primary gynecology services. We do not provide any pregnancy or surgical care. We are currently unable to offer functional medicine assessments, plans or specialty testing via conventional visits. We do accept many BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, United, Oxford and other third party plans for our insurance based practice, however patients are always encouraged to check directly with their plan before coming in.

Routine Physicals

Physical examination or clinical examination is the process by which our doctors investigate the body of a patient for signs of disease. Your medical history, an account of the symptoms as experienced by the patient is taken initially followed by a physical exam and at times a few tests are ordered by the physician. Together with the medical history, the physical examination aids in determining the correct diagnosis and devising the treatment plan if needed.

Primary Care for Families

We specialize in preventive medicine and the care of patients of both genders, in all age groups, with acute illnesses such as:

  • Coughs
  • Cold and flu
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Detection of more serious illness
I usually don’t like doctors and went to 2 others in Hoboken before Dr. Chiara. Dr. Chiara was kind, honest and efficient. Had no problem getting an appointment and did not have to wait very long. While most doctors have a nurse or assistant take you into the office, take your information, and then let the doctor see you for 5 minutes, Dr. Chiara listened to all of my concerns right away and I was in an out of the office in less than half an hour. Have already recommended her to a handful of friends.

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