Important Information Regarding Insurance
*Please Read Carefully

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Primary Care – We Accept Most Insurance Plans

Our office provides conventional, insurance-based primary care services for adult men and women, as well as primary gynecology services. We do not provide any pregnancy or surgical care. Visits are typically scheduled every 15-20 minutes. We do accept many BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, United, Oxford and other third party plans for our insurance based practice, however patients are always encouraged to check directly with their plan before coming in.

Functional Medicine – Insurance NOT Accepted

We are currently unable to offer functional medicine assessments, plans or specialty testing via conventional visits and functional medicine services are NOT covered by insurance, however we offer two very affordable packages.

We currently offer Two Functional Medicine programs for patients based on medical complexity:

12 Month Program: up to 5 office visits
6 Month Program: up to 3 office visits

  • First office visit is 90 min, second is 60 min and subsequent visits are 30-45 minutes.

All care is provided directly by Dr. Chiara, there are no secondary providers. Phone or video visits can be arranged in lieu of in-office functional medicine visits, after the initial in-person consult, if that method is preferable.


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