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Bianca Chiara, MD: Hoboken NJ Functional Medicine Clinic

Insomnia and Sleep Disorder Doctor Hoboken NJ: Millions of people suffer from insomnia or some form of sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are often assumed to go away on their own, but in fact they are often a chronic condition with a much deeper root cause. Sleep aids have sub-par to no results whereas prescription medications for sleep disorders have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Insomnia and Sleep Disorder Triggers

There are four main culprits that cause insomnia and other sleep disorders.  They are reactive, habitual, metabolic and neurological.

  • Reactive: Reponses to a traumatic or stressful event.
  • Habitual: Poor habits or lifestyle choices that can effect sleep.
  • Metabolic: Changes to the internal structure of the body or dietary choices.
  • Neurological: Imbalances in brainwave activity.

Treating Insomina and Sleep Disorders with Functional Medicine

Insomnia and sleep disorders are often linked to metabolic disorders or bad dietary or lifestyle factors. The first step to treating sleep disorders is to identifying the root causes of the disorder. Through a detailed analysis of each patients history and lifestyle along with extensive testing which may include lab health testing; Dr. Chiara will be able to formulate a proper treatment protocol.

Our treatment focus is on nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, herbals and neutraceuticals/supplements, as well as pharmaceutical options when necessary. It is a truly holistic approach, open to incorporating eastern and western medicine options and being directed by the patient’s preference, combined with considerations of safety and efficacy for the health concerns being addressed.

I usually don’t like doctors and went to 2 others in Hoboken before Dr. Chiara. Dr. Chiara was kind, honest and efficient. Had no problem getting an appointment and did not have to wait very long. While most doctors have a nurse or assistant take you into the office, take your information, and then let the doctor see you for 5 minutes, Dr. Chiara listened to all of my concerns right away and I was in an out of the office in less than half an hour. Have already recommended her to a handful of friends.

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